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Screw Driver Attachments



Kare Industrial Suppliers imports and distributes screwdriver attachments for fixing Square Drive, Phillips, Pozi and various hexagon head screws.


Description Size Product Code
Magnetic Bit Holders 60mm BH60M
A.F Magnetic Sockets 1/4″X65mm MS14X65
A.F Magnetic Sockets 3/8″X65mm MS38X65
A.F Magnetic Sockets 5/16″X65mm MS516X65
#1 Phillips Bits 25mm PH1
#2 Phillips Bits 25mm PH2
#3 Phillips Bits 25mm PH3
#1 Pozi Bit 25mm PZ1
#2 Pozi Bit 25mm PZ2
#3 Pozi Bit 25mm PZ3
#2 Square Drive Bit 25mm SQB-0225